"Omega is the kind of record that transcends multiple eras without feeling like a retrospective piece. Over the course of its six tracks, we’re exposed to the ebb and flow of a myriad of pop accents; from countrified Americana to straight up grungy dirge, Omega is almost like listening to a reflective anthology of every stylish element that has made the American songbook so exciting in the last half century. It’s a timeless narrative…” - Mindy McCall - No Depression”

Mindy McCall - No Depression

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Brave and abstract. Unencumbered and refreshing. A touch of New-Age. C-Wired’s new album, Omega, is like the sonic equivalent of a Tony Robins seminar, urging a freer mind and a more open heart. Dreamy, sonic textures mostly consisting of layers of ambient electric guitars, a direct and no-holds barred approach to writing, and a cultured vocal timbre immediately reminiscent of one Todd Park Mohr, culminate to form a body of work that is unique to say the least, and arguably crucial. ”

The Ark of Music

Omega is a project that classic rock fans will enjoy, especially those that get tired of hearing the same songs over and over. C-Wired sounds to be a man that enjoys making music, just for the sake of creating it. He doesn’t come off like one that’s waiting to jump on the next trend. This is unique music, from a unique individual.”

Dan MacIntosh Skopemag

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I cannot overstate the pure magic that is the album’s opening and title track, Omega. Imagine an airy, ambient layering of guitars and a weathered vocal timbre, which when united come off like some surreal and sparkling concoction of Pink Floyd and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. Yeah, it’s that good…like liquid sound. ”

The Ark of Music

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Stand-out track “Anna Kissed The Sky,” tells the story of self-acceptance in the fashion of a woman named Anna. One need not hear more than “Tired of living lies, Anna kissed the sky, honesty sublime” to understand the hard-hitting nature of C Wired’s lyrical prowess as he weaves a tale of finding oneself and self-forgiveness. The rest of the song that further reinforces the lessons, as lyrics such as “fearing her mind of what she might find,” strike at the heart of the subject and further push the introspective narrative of the overall song. The deceptively soft and contemplative flow of the instrumentals compliments the song nicely even as it kicks into overdrive with a climactic guitar solo that feels like the perfect end to the song. ”

Thorne Stone - Reviewfix